dot notation

dot notation
точечная запись (нотация)
1) в ЯВУ - способ записи обращения к конкретному полю записи или структуры: имя записи.имя поля
см. тж. field, record
2) см. dot address

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  • dot — I. /dɒt / (say dot) noun 1. a minute or small spot on a surface; a speck. 2. a small, roundish mark made with or as with a pen. 3. anything relatively small or speck like. 4. Music a. a point placed after a note or rest, to indicate that the… …  

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  • Newton's notation — for differentiation, or dot notation, uses a dot placed over a function name to denote the time derivative of that function. Newton referred to this as a fluxion. Isaac Newton s notation is mainly used in mechanics. It is defined as: and so on.… …   Wikipedia

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